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Parents Review

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My daughter Chloe has been dancing at LA Dance since she was three and is starting her tenth season this year! LA Dance, under the direction of Miss Laura, has provided her the opportunity to learn different styles of dance, compete at regional and national dance competitions, attend workshops, and work with teachers and choreographers from all over the country. Throughout the year Miss Laura judges at competitions across the U.S., allowing her to keep up with the latest dance trends. Every year the studio makes improvements and positive changes to enhance the dance experience for all levels of dancers. If you haven’t been to LA Dance in a couple years, then you haven’t been to LA Dance!! Most importantly, the family atmosphere in the studio has allowed us to make so many wonderful friends. Chloe has a mentor and lifelong teacher/friend in Miss Laura as they share and continue to grow their love of dance together. - Marlene Resch

"We couldn't be happier with L.A. Dance Studio! Our daughter loved her first year of dance with Laura and made many new friends. We can't wait for the new year to start this fall! " - Danielle Boeneman

"LA Dance has taught my daughter many things over the years. She has molded into a very responsible, creative, confident young lady. She strives to do well and work hard. She enjoys dance for the fun and for the exercise. She is achieving her dream. The atmosphere at LA Dance is positive and the kids feel like family." - Jeffrey Zanni

"LA Dance teaches those kids techniques that make them rise above the rest. They are a reputable place and care and love the kids. The teachers give their all and so do the kids! They really are the best!" - Jodie

"My daughter and I have been going there on and off for years. She loves the teachers there." - Sheri Romeyn

"Variety of dance types, location of studio, reasonably priced, good instructors attracted us to LA dance." - K.Balavich

"My daughter Katrina has danced at L.A. Dance for many years and every year seems to get better! It is so great that Katrina is joining the Competitive team! Everyone is friendly at the studio and acts as one big family. Miss Laura and Miss Ann treat all of my kids and myself as family. I now have a second daughter, Marissa, that started dance with Miss Laura and cries when she can't see her! We love everyone that is involved with L.A. Dance!!! Thank you Miss Laura for having such a wonderful dance studio and making dance so enjoyable for my children." - Michelle Smith

"I am very pleased to find a studio that teaches proper dance technique and fundamentals while allowing children of all ages to enjoy dance and have fun." - Jennifer Dysarz

My daughter, Nikki, is entering her 6th year of dance with Miss Laura at LA Dance. We have experience at other studios and are so happy to have found a place where Nikki loves to dance while making great friends, learning new technique, and gaining self-confidence. We are amazed at the progress the dancers make each year while under Miss Laura's direction. The entire staff is very professional while maintaining a fun and creative atmosphere. We couldn't be happier with our experience at LA Dance. - Sheli Bell

My daughter has been dancing with L.A. Dance for three years and we have just registered for our fourth. She LOVES it. Both her and I have nothing but good things to say about the school, the teachers and her fellow dancers. The atmosphere is very nice at L.A. Dance. It has made her a much more confident and outgoing young lady. She is in competition, and when we go to the competitions it is such a wonderful and positive experience that I would recommend L.A. Dance studio to anyone that is looking to make this positive change in their childs life. - Shawn Stadler

L.A. Dance is a wonderful place for your child to learn confidence. My daughter, Jessica, has been going there for two years and she loves her class with Ms. Jamie. She dances all the time now (Jesse's kindergarten friends even wrote about her and said that's what Jesse likes to do...she likes to dance and perform). She looks forward to each fall when she gets to begin her class again. We will be enrolling again this year and look forward to another year with Ms. Jamie. She is a phenomenal dancer and teacher. She has such great patience with the little ones. We just love her and love L.A. Dance! - Lynette Douglas

My daughter, Mercedes, loves L. A. Dance. She was asked to join the pre-competition team this year and loves it. She enjoys Miss Laura and Miss Erika very much. I was recently reading a book about child stars and it was giving tips to know if you have the right dance school for professional training. Here is a list of things they said to look for: 1) The first half of the year should be focused on technique before starting to learn any routines. 2) The instructors should routinely travel to New York and other professional dance schools to keep up on the latest changes and dances. 3) The instructors should be well trained in all areas of dance and continue their learning and classes as well as teaching. After reading this, I realized that L.A. Dance has all of these things and it is great to know that in the small town of Lake Orion, we have a Dance School that is fit to produce professionals if that is where they want to go. Thank you L. A. Dance for not only being a professional school, but a family as well. I would recommend L. A. Dance to anyone interested in dance. Whether it is professional or recreational. Everyone is wonderful and friendly! - Dawn Heacock