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Welcome to the Pre-Competitive and Competitive Program at L.A. Dance!

Being a part of the pre-competitive and competitive program means you are willing to make a strong commitment to your classes and performances. It means you have a desire to work hard and learn as much as you possibly can. If you truly make the most of each class by always dancing your heart out and pushing yourself that one inch further, then we can help you be the best dancer you can be.

Respect for your teachers is important. Whether the teacher is talking to you directly or another student, listen carefully. A correction is an honor; it shows you how much your teacher cares about you and how much they want to help you improve. Remember to say “Thank You” the next time your teacher corrects you.Good attendance is essential in the competitive programs. We understand that students do get sick, however, please do not miss for other social activities. When a student misses a class, the teacher has to re-teach the material the next week which can set the class back. Sometimes, choreography may change before a performance. If a student misses a class he/she may miss out on some choreography changes and not be prepared for the next performance. It is always best to get together with another team member before coming to the next class and/or performance to learn the material.“True progress is made when you look at each class, rehearsal, or performance as an opportunity to become better at what you love to do.”- Rhee Gold

Pre-Competitive Program 

The Pre-Competitive program is designed for those students who want to take their dance education to the next step without making the full commitment to the competitive program. Students will be recommended by their teachers to join the pre-competitive program.Summer classes are mandatory. Students will study technique for six weeks in the summer. One week will consist of "dance boot camp." Classes will be taught in ballet, jazz and tap technique. Fall classes will begin in September and run until June. During the fall, students will continue to dance a minimum of twice a week.Students in the Pre-competitive program will compete in one to three regional competitions. You will be notified of the competition dates in early fall. There are competition fees that each student must pay to enter the competition.Team warm-up suits are available for purchase. The warm-ups are to be worn to and from competitions and/or performances and during the awards ceremonies at each competitionAfter completing the first year of the pre-competitive program, each student will be evaluated to see whether or not they should be moved to the competitive program or continue to the second year pre-competitive program. The studio director and/or teacher of each student will be glad to meet with each parent to discuss the goals and placement of each child.

Competitive Program

The competitive program is designed for the most serious dancer. Students will receive more hours of instruction per week and will attend 4-5 regional competitions and one national dance competition.Summer classes are mandatory. Students will dance two to three times a week for six weeks in the summer. One week will consist of "dance boot camp." Technique will be taught in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary dance. Other classes offered are Lyrical, Clogging and Pointe. Fall classes will begin in September and run until June.

During the fall, the required classes are Ballet, Tap technique, and Jazz technique. There will also be choreography classes. If you are interested in also participating in a solo, duet, and/or trio, applications will be made available to each student in late Spring of each dance year. Solos, duets, and trios will begin in the fall of each dance year.

There are competition fees associated with each competition that each student is responsible for. There are fundraising opportunities available to help cover the costs.

There will be a parent meeting in the early fall to discuss the dance competition schedule for the year. Each family is presented with a folder that will contain information for the dance year.

It is an honor to be accepted into the Pre-Competitive and Competitive program. It means you have a certain passion and desire that can take you to the top.

General Guidelines

Each student must arrive at a competition two hours before their scheduled time. Competitions do run ahead of schedule. The students need time to properly warm-up and practice.Competition students must wear their team suits to and from competitions and/or performances. Team Suits must be worn at the presentation of awards.We never speak negatively about teachers, dancers, or parents from other schools.We never create conflict with the directors or judges of events in which we attend.The studio director handles all communication with the directors of our outside activities.No parent or dancer may call or question the directors of any event or choreographers. If you have a concern, please contact the studio director.Label all your costumes and shoes.Always have a second pair of tights available.


For The Parents

A student's success depends on the support of their parents or guardians. We will set a positive atmosphere for students, parents, and faculty. We will promote a positive learning experience for all involved. Showing respect among other parents, students, and faculty will make a valuable impression on the students.Your child's attendance at all classes, performances, and competitions is extremely important. Teamwork and dedication are a big key to success.Parents and teachers may have two different perspectives when looking at a student's dance education. We do, however, share a common goal: to make sure each student receives the best quality training both physically and mentally.Encourage your child to be the best he/she can be. Do not compare your child to others in the class. Dance is an individual art form. Each student will progress at a different pace. Even if two students receive the same quality training, they will not progress at the same rate. It's imperative to encourage your child to focus on themselves and feel happy with their own accomplishments.Placement decisions are made from many years of teaching experience. We look at where a child should be placed by looking not only at age and technique, but where can they feel confident in order to promote self-esteem. Some students want to be placed in a higher level, however, then they get discouraged easily and lose their passion for dance. Others may look forward to the challenge of being in a class of more experienced dancers to push themselves harder. Placement is highly individual and the factors that go into the decision are very complex. Please know that the faculty works hard to determine the correct placement for each child.When you have a question about your child's dance education please speak to the studio director immediately. Please do not speak to other parents when you have questions. The best way to find an answer or solve a problem is to go to the studio director.“The financial support of your student is important, but of equal -perhaps- even greater value is your emotional support.” -Rhee Gold


Let's Not Only Focus On Competition

We want to instill a passion for dance and not for just winning awards, therefore we will give students the performance opportunities at places such as the Relay For Life and Celebrate Oxford. The lessons learned through special performances are just as equally important as the lessons learned through competition.The participation in competitions is not only a part of the student's dance training; it can also be an important part of how we influence them as people. With the correct focus, being a part of competitions is a great way to build self-confidence. If a student can feel good about his/her performance and understand that they become better and better each time they take the stage, then they are growing with the competition experience. Taking the stage and doing their best is the primary goal; which awards they take is secondary.


Competition Results:






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2010 - Untouched - Winner Teen National League World Series VIDEO

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2009 - Mercy - Autumn Battiata and Melissa Mars - National League Junior Duet/Trio Showdown Winner VIDEO

2008 - Man of La Mancha - Nicole Bell -National League Junior Solo Showdown Winner VIDEO

2008 - On Broadway - Lauren Butterworth and Gillian Ward - National League Junior Duet/Trio Showdown Winner VIDEO

2008 - Can't Stop - Ryan Plecha - National League Senior Solo Showdown Winner VIDEO

2007 - Conga - Brian Hernandez and Courtney Zanni - National League Junior Duet/Trio Showdown Winner VIDEO